Cider Mulling Set

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  • 3 x 3 litres – Earl’s Reserve still cider (alc 5.8% vol) with 3 x 12 pyramids Red Peppercorn & Hibiscus herbal infusions. Each packet of mulling spices is enough to mull 3 litres of cider.

Love a nice hot mulled drink when it’s cold outside? Our cider mulling set has everything you need to make you and your friends and family some award-winning mulled cider.

Heat up our Earl’s reserve cider – we recommend in a pan on the hob but you can cheat and give a cupful a short turn in the microwave. Either way simmer, don’t boil! You’ll smell some lovely baked apple aromas while you’re doing this. Then pop in a Red Peppercorn & Hibiscus mulling spice pyramid – one per cup or 250ml if making more – and let the flavours infuse for 3-8 minutes. The longer you leave the pyramid in the stronger the spices will become so keep having little tastes and take out the pyramid when it’s just right for you. Put simply, it’s just like making a cuppa! Our unique blend of mulling spices is a twist on the traditional with the red peppercorns adding a little extra warmth and the hibiscus turning it a lovely crimson colour.

Super easy to make, very delicious to drink. A ghoulishly red tipple for Halloween or warm spiced Christmas in a cup, our mulled cider is perfect for any occasion throughout the cold winter months whenever you need warming up! Lighter (and we think better!) than mulled wine. Why not order a cider mulling set today and try something a little different this winter?


Our Cider Mulling Set

How to use: The spices come in handy pyramids so it’s as easy as making a cuppa, simply heat up the cider (simmer, don’t boil) and pop in a pyramid (the longer you leave it in the stronger the spices become, so you can mull to individual tastes).

Other uses for the mulling infusions: add to plums or pears when poaching to spice things up. Use to make a spiced cider jus for roast meats (particularly pork, or even lamb) or add to a winter stew for extra flavour and colour. You could even add a glug of Earl’s Reserve for a more grown up twist.

1 review for Cider Mulling Set

  1. Susan

    Now I know what Christmas tastes like – Earl’s Reserve! Absolutely loved this mulled cider, the spice pyramids with ginger, orange, hibiscus, red peppercorns…all of my favourite things. The packaging looks amazing too. Well done Charringtons!

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