Weekend Celebration Set


Celebrate the weekend at home with a delicious selection of our finest multi-award-winning sparkling ciders and apple juices.

Our special Weekend Celebration Set contains:

  • 4 x 330ml Private Bin dry sparkling cider
  • 4 x 330ml Cryals Classic medium sparkling cider
  • 4 x 330ml choice of Captivating Cox and/or AmaZing Zari apple juices
  • A Charrington’s Bar Blade.




Our Weekend Celebration Set is perfect for enjoying at home with friends or family, whether celebrating a special occasion or simply making the most of a weekend away from work. Great company deserves great taste!

A selection of two multi-award-winning sparkling ciders, Private Bin (dry) and Cryals Classic (medium), to go with an evening meal. They pair particularly well with pork dishes and cheeses. Our tangy Cox or smooth AmaZing Zari apple juices are fabulous additions to a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed the morning after.

Plus one of our brushed metal professional bar blades so you can pop open your cider bottles in style.


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