Cheerfull Gold™ Apple Juice

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Limited Edition 2021 harvest vintage Cheerfull Gold™ apple juice. It has a smooth cloudiness and balances fresh natural sweetness with a lovely crisp tang. Simply delicious in every way and highly distinctive. A small number of Cheerfull Gold™ trees on the farm mean this really is a limited edition variety of apple juice – when it’s gone, it’s gone until next harvest! If you like apple juice, you’ll love Cheerfull Gold™ apple juice so don’t miss out while it’s available…

Shake well before opening and serve chilled.

  • 6 x 1 litre – Cheerfull Gold™ apple juice


The Cheerfull Gold™ apple was created from Cox’s Orange Pippin pollinated by Golden Delicious in Staplehurst, Kent in 1979. The apple’s skin is yellow with a crimson blush and its flesh is firm yet juicy. As always we only use apples that have been hand-picked from the trees in our orchards. These apples are then gently pressed to produce an absolutely delicious juice. Smooth texture, sweetness and tanginess combine beautifully for all round well-balanced apple juice perfection. It’s the apple juice for apple juice lovers.

We don’t have many Cheerfull Gold™ apple trees at Cryals Farm so there is a genuinely limited number of bottles of this apple juice available. When they’re gone they’re gone until after next harvest. If you’re a fan of apple juice you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Cocktail suggestion: this apple juice is so new that we’ve not had a chance to experiment yet. We think it tastes like it should be very versatile with all kinds of spirits or liquors and can’t wait to have a big cocktail shaking and tasting session…




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