Private Bin & Ravishing Russet AwardsRavishing Russet Apple Juice LabelRavishing Russets In BinRavishing Russets On Tree
Ravishing Russet Bottle
Private Bin & Ravishing Russet Awards
Ravishing Russet Apple Juice Label
Ravishing Russets In Bin
Ravishing Russets On Tree

Ravishing Russet Apple Juice


Another of our award-winning apple juices! Made from our Egremont Russet apples, this cloudy apple juice has a rich velvety texture with a delicious nutty sweetness. Great when you’ve worked up a thirst at the gym or been out on a long run. Especially popular with kids but loved by grown-ups too. Serve chilled.

  • 6 x 1 litre – Ravishing Russet Apple Juice
Buy 2 cases and save £5!


Cocktail suggestion: add a shot of Thunder toffee vodka to a glass of Ravishing Russet. It’s like an alcoholic toffee apple in a glass – naughty but oh so nice!

Judge’s comment (Quality Food Awards): “Not standard apple juice compared to others on the market…very mellow, fresh…the flavour builds and the balance is very good…really like the product.”



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