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Amazing Zari Great Taste Winner

Celebrating our Great Taste 2 Star Winner – Amazing Zari

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We’re Celebrating! Our Amazing Zari apple juice, newly launched this year, has already won 2 Great Taste Stars. We already knew is was AmaZing but nice to have the judges agree. Judge for yourself with £5 off your second case of juice. Why not add our other limited edition favourite, Cheerfull Gold, to compare the two distinctive varieties. All our juices are single estate (only grown by us) and single variety to celebrate the individual characteristics of each apple variety we grow.

Cheerfull Gold™ Apple Juice

Promotional Price and £5 off your second case

£21.00 £18.00

Limited Edition 2021 harvest vintage Cheerfull Gold™ apple juice. It has a smooth cloudiness and balances fresh natural sweetness with a lovely crisp tang. Simply delicious in every way and highly distinctive. A small number of Cheerfull Gold™ trees on the farm mean this really is a limited edition variety of apple juice – when it’s gone, it’s gone until next harvest! If you like apple juice, you’ll love Cheerfull Gold™ apple juice so don’t miss out while it’s available…

AmaZing Zari Apple Juice

Promotional Price and £5 off your second case

£18.00 – £33.00

Zari is a beautiful looking and tasting apple variety. Vibrant yellow and red skin, white crisp flesh, plenty of sweetness and a balancing tang. It’s no surprise that this AmaZing Zari apple juice is…well…amazing! It’s matched by our eye-catching pink and black label design.

It’s ideal for the family breakfast table for a healthy start to the day. Or pop a bottle into your gym bag for a post-workout thirst quencher. You can also use AmaZing Zari apple juice as a fabulous mixer with berry flavoured gins. We’ve made a couple of cocktail suggestions below but feel free to experiment yourself and see what you can create!

Winner of the Great Taste Awards 2023

Why not try some today at this introductory offer price…

Use code greattaste2case and get £5off your second case of award winning apple juice.

What’s Happening On The Farm?

We’re Celebrating Zari which is traditionally the first apple we harvest at the beginning of September

Read what the Great Taste judges had to say: There is a delightful fresh apple aroma coming from this drink, which has a soft golden hue. The balance of natural sweetness and tartness from these single variety apples sing on the palate with a longevity that makes it a refreshing, delicious juice.

This is a bright, fresh-looking apple juice with a delightful acidic aroma on the nose, which fully supports the apple content. While apple notes dominate, there are hints of sweet pear on the palate. There is a softness to the texture, and it offers a fresh, bright experience. Sweetness and acidity are well balanced and there is little astringency on the finish. Instead, it offers a bright, fresh lingering taste.

A refreshing opaque juice. On the nose we get a lot of pear aromas, and on the palate an element of apple skin/whole fruit that’s very satisfying. It’s subtle rather than tart or acidic, but also not too sweet. We appreciated its balance and length.


We’re all plant-based (apple-based), naturally suitable for vegans
We are single estate – we only ever use apples grown on our farm
We look after our environment: We are LEAF and Red Tractor accredited – the
highest sustainability standards (as well as carbon neutral and water positive)
Our awards speak for themselves though we are happy to mention:

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