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MOUSE EAR – what’s it all about?
Our apple bud is just beginning to burst.
I would prefer this delicate green tissue to hold back a little to allow our waterlogged orchards to dry out, but the soil and air temperatures are now high enough for everything to want to move.
Mouse ear is when the silver tipped buds burst open covered with soft fuzzy hairs which act as protection for this amazing emerging piece of nature. Inside this tiny unassuming bud is the first sign of new leaf which unfolds slowly resembling tiny mouse ears.
Each bud is actually a full factory of photosynthesis-in-waiting and will emerge to contain everything the tree needs to capture light and nutrients to feed itself, create the apple blossoms and even produce new bud for the following year.
Mouse ear is just the beginning…and these vulnerable buds need to survive whatever weather comes their way.
The Easter Bunny is due to make a return on our footpaths from Good Friday.
This is a local walking to and from the farm bit of fun to discover our fabulous footpaths (and the chocs) and maybe even our nearby pubs serving Charrington’s. The Hop Bine, The Little Bull and The Halfway House to name but three in easy walking distance.
It is extremely likely that our fields will still be VERY wet and you will need your wellies on. Keep an eye out for our posts online and on local village groups.

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