HARVEST 2023 - and that's a wrap! - Charrington's Drinks

HARVEST 2023 – and that’s a wrap!

HARVEST 2023 – and that’s a wrap!

It’s all in! We started picking in blazing sunshine and finished between the rain showers and the falling leaves, but it’s all done! We make sure all the apples we grow have a perfect ending, be that in your fruit bowl or in your glass. First we picked our delicious crisp and immensely juicy Zari (2 Star Great Taste winner 2023) at the beginning of September, followed by the nation’s best cooker, Bramley, while waiting for our luscious Coxes and nutty Egremont Russets to be ready, followed by our deep red sweet Gala and then, finally, the long wait until last Friday to dodge the showers and pick our tree ripened Braeburn with their beautiful red crunch. A massive thank you goes out to our small team made up of home grown locals and dedicated people from Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, and Bulgaria. Even with a smaller crop this year in some varieties, that’s over 5 million apples picked gently by hand by 22 people in 8 weeks and many more memories.

And now the fermentation begins!

To mull or not to mull? 

You decide! Our fabulous Egremont Russet and Cox juice are perfect non alcoholic mulling partners while our Earl’s Reserve still cider is fabulous as it is or mulled with our award winning Red Peppercorn and Hibiscus Mulling Pyramids. Make a cauldron or just a cup – it’s up to you and your guests. Alcohol or no alcohol – both are amazing and easy to make stylish winter warmers. No faff, just fab!
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