Easter Eggs Hunt 2021! - Charrington's Drinks

Easter Eggs Hunt 2021!

On Easter Sunday you’re invited to take a family walk to join the public footpaths around Charrington’s Cryals Farm and discover chocolate Easter eggs along the way.  We’re inviting local walkers to  scan our map at the farm entrance and follow the signposts for a fun “Easter Bunny Egg Hunt”. 

This is a pedestrian-only event and in the interests of everyone’s safety, parking is not available on-site.  We’re a working farm with vehicles and machinery active in the orchards at this time of year. Please follow the designated public footpaths to make the most of our chocolatey trail. The walk is self-guided and there’s no specific start time.   This will help keep our beautiful paths clear, uncrowded and ready for bunny hopping. 

Maps and a scorecard with instructions are available via the links below and at the footpath entrances to Cryals Farm. The scorecard allows you to keep track of the stations you’ve been to and how many chocolate eggs you’ve hunted down. Please take one egg from each station and leave the rest for the next intrepid hunters who come along.  Please help yourself to an Easter basket too, which you can use to collect your mini chocolate Easter eggs as you go along. At the end of the hunt you’ll find a liquid prize, so don’t give up and keep walking!

Charringtons Easter Bunny Egg Hunt MAP

Charrington’s Easter Bunny Egg Hunt SCORECARD

Remember to always follow coronavirus protocols while on your Easter walk. Maintain 2m social distancing form other families along the footpaths and use the hand sanitiser provided.  It can’t be as free and easy as we’d like this year, but we hope you’ll enjoy the fresh air and collect lots of tasty treats.

Unfortunately we can’t allow collection of orders on Sunday, but don’t forget we offer free local delivery on juice and cider, so if you’d like continue the party at home you can SHOP HERE.  Thank you!


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